2015 Summer High School Training

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Final Surge!

It seems like every year we get emails regarding high school running. As coaches, we’ve always been hesitant with High Schoolers, not because we don’t like you, but rather because their situation is unique. We’ve never wanted to step on the toes of their coaches and we don’t want them hearing different things from different people. That just creates confusion and frustration. All that leads to is a kid who doesn’t really want to run anymore. Our problem was simply,

“How can we help kids (maybe coaches, too) be better runners, have fun, and learn how to become their absolute best?”

Well, we’ve found it!

Thanks to the help of our partners at Final Surge we have a way to do all that. Even your coaches can join the fun! Here’s a look at everything that’s going on.

Some Features

  • Training plans based on summer mileage goals
  • Leaderboards for mileage, grade, days being consistent, and MORE
  • Closed Facebook group for the athletes AND coaches
  • T-Shirt swag upon schedule completion

To learn more and to register check out the 2015 HCS summer high school challenge

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