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Excited to start!


All running books should be like this: clear, organized, and with simple to follow plans. There's plenty of charts and tables to help you evaluate your current condition and guide you in the selection of realistic goals. They tell you what you should do, why you should do it, and how you're going to get it done. You get three plans: 1. Just Finish: designed for people who want to run a marathon to cross it off a bucket list, etc. and have no specific performance goals in mind. 2. Beginner: for guys and gals that have some running experience and want to go the distance. 3. Advanced: for runners with marathon experience looking to sharpen their competitive edge. There's a bonus "Elite" plan in the appendix as well. I will begin the beginner program soon and update this review in the future, but for now, five solid stars.

Book Reviewer Hansons

It works!!!!!!

Indy Book Girl

After completing 11 half marathons I wanted to do one marathon just to do it. I was worried about injury and long training runs. A friend recommended Hanson. After buying the book and choosing the “Just Finish” plan. I was able to run all but 15 training miles which were in the last week due to an ankle issue. I was concerned because everyone said I should have at least run 20 miles for a long and I had followed the plan and the longest was 16 miles. I was still skeptical on race day and ran with my ankle issue. I had a good race and my time was good considering. I never felt too tired or lacked energy and never hit the “wall”. My comment to folks after the race was Hanson really works. Six days a week of running is tough, but it paid off with enjoyable first marathon!

Book Reviewer Hansons

The marathon plan for me

T. Green

The Hansons marathon method is relatively simple compared to others I've tried, and has got me to the start line in the shape of my life. My review is for the advanced plan. High miles, high intensity workouts and shorter long runs seem to have done the trick. As for the book, Luke has a straightforward style and gives the method a very thorough treatment. There is a little mythology thrown in with the generally scientific approach, such as trotting out unscientific claims about hydration and shoes. Other than that it's an excellent book. The plan itself is easy to understand, no complicated workouts or jargon. I programmed the whole lot into my watch in a few minutes. I heartily recommend both the method and this book.

Book Reviewer Hansons

Took 10min off my my last Boston Marathon time with Hansons MM!

Kenneth W. Cluff

I wanted to wait until after the 2016 CIM ( California International Marathon ) to write my review because it was the first marathon I used the Hansons training plan for. Short version is, it worked! I took 10 minutes off my last Boston marathon time and was feeling strong enough in the final kms that I caught the 3:03 pacers and passed them for a 3:02:23 finish. I jumped onto the Hansons plan pretty late, though I already had a decent base and was doing my own plan based on prior Hal Higdon plans from my first two marathons. Unfortunately I had factors working against the Hansons plan, namely the fact that I had 10k, half marathon, and 15k race races too close my target marathon, and so I could not stick exactly to the plan Hansons plan.. The plan was easy enough to adapt though and I mostly dropped the shorter 'Easy' runs and still did all the hard/log/fast workouts. The specificity of the workouts and the paces for them really worked for me, and even though I upped my target from 3:10 to 3:05 during the training cycle, I never felt 'tired every day' like they and some folks say the program will make you. That said, some days were HARD; hard to hit the pace, hard to hold it for the distance, but that's what training is all about, right? TIP: The whole plan hinges around your goal marathon time, so pick wisely. Too aggressive and the training will really beat you up, too conservative and you won't get the real benefit of the program.

I did it! Great book, a couple attention point

Celine Derudder

I just ran my first marathon 3 weeks ago using the « just finish » programme with some tweaking. All in all a very serious book, which had me complete my time goal and finish strong , running the second half faster than the first, just one year after my first half marathon. I managed despite being waylaid a couple of weeks because of a nasty virus, which in my opinion shows how strong the training is. This said, I don’t agree with everything either. The core of this high mileage programme is that the long run shouldn’t exceed 30pc max of the total weekly mileage and shouldn’t last longer than 3-3,5 hours tops. I subscribe to that. Even though it is quite a leap of faith, it worked just fine for me. I can’t recall the number of wide eyed people who asked me « you are not going to run at least once 20 miles before the marathon?? » On the other hand, the programme disregards another « golden rule » which is not to increase weekly mileage by more than 10pc each week. Also, it states that anyone running 10 miles a week should be able to start the « just finish » programme. I think that’s quite a stretch and a sure recipe for injury considering how demanding the training is, ramping up to 6 days/week training in the first few weeks. I was running more than that so that was ok for me. Also, Inwss running just 3-4 days a week and upped to 5 runs per week, something adding an extra mile for good measure here and there, and it worked just fine for me. 6 days a week simply was not practical nor did it seem safe. This is a great programme. Adapting it a little is allowed !

Book Reviewer Hansons

This book is outstanding!

Kindle Customer

I have used this book on two separate marathon training experiences. The first time I used it I had only barely broken the 4 hour marathon, but I used the training plan in this book and got a Boston qualifying time! Then I took a couple of years off of marathoning after running Boston and decided I would give this book another shot this past summer. I re-read Hanson's and stuck to the plan and requalified for Boston just a few weeks ago, and got a PR for my marathon. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to better their marathon time and have a strong (feel good) race day. Good luck!

Book Reviewer Hansons

Beginning Runner


This was a great book to read. It was recommended by a guy I met on an airplane who was training for the Boston Marathon. I told him that I couldn't run no more than 2 miles without my knees hurting and swelling. After a brief conversation about how to run properly and reading this book, I have increased my ability to run up to 7 miles without any knee pain. I may not run a marathon but I'm now a runner!

Book Reviewer Hansons

My first marathon was AMAZING because of this book

Kindle Customer

I just completed the Pittsburgh Marathon after using the "Just Finish" training plan. I cannot say enough about this plan. I am a back of the pack runner. I struggle with keeping my mind focused. I listen to all those negative voices in my head that tell me to walk and that I can't do it. With the longest run on this plan being 16 miles I really stressed about those last 10 miles. The "cumulative fatigue" theory got me through. Even in those late miles my legs felt like they have for months. My fastest miles were 25 and 26. Two days later, I have very little soreness. I wanted to sign up for another marathon as I was crossing the finish line. I won't use any other training plan in the future. I expected to finish in the 5:15 range and was pleasantly surprised to finish in 4:55.If you are thinking of running a marathon, buy this book!