Annual Training Clinics

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It’s that time of year again- for the annual training clinics. If you are running a half or a full marathon this fall, then we have a great training program for you! The format of the clinics is the same as they have been for years, but we have made some changes to the overall set-up. I believe these changes will make for a better overall experience.

First, here’s what you get:

  1. Training Schedule. This is the same one you seen in Runner’s World and the ones we have been using for years. You have the choice of a beginner or advanced for both distances.
  2. Group training: We are doing Tuesday and Thursday workouts together. Group training has been the key to success for so many over the years. Plus, misery loves company!
  3. Online Training log: You can see what’s coming up, what you’ve done, and the progress you have made. Plus, if you have some issues coming up and need something changed, then I can modify and give you precise feedback!
  4. Me! I will be directly involved with your training from the get-go. Having a coach can be a great asset for your training. I will be there to help select goals, adjust schedules, and answer your questions!
  5. Discounts. Everybody loves discounts. You will get discounts from Clint Verran Sports Medicine, Hanson’s Running Shops, and Hanson’s Massage Therapy. Training is hard and all these folks will keep you training to reach your best.
  6. Brooks running shirt. No cotton here. Something you can wear on your runs!
  7. Clinics: Every other Wednesday, we will put on clinics over a variety of topics. Can’t make it? That’s ok! VO2max Productions will film them and the videos will be accessable for all clinic members!

As I mentioned, we made some changes. However, I think they are good changes. Here’s what was done:

  1. Meeting point is Hanson’s Running Shops- Royal Oak location. Why? It has a conference room, for one. Also, it is a great central meeting point for clinic and group runs.
  2. The program centered around getting you to the marathon, but I see it as an ongoing process. After the marathon, I want to make sure you are recovering right and making decisions to take your running past the end of the race. Many of you are first timers, and don’t know where to go from that point. I will be there to help by extending the length of the program until the end of the calendar year.
  3. More involvment from me. In the past I provided the clinics and schedules, but with the changes made, I will be more directly involved through the entire process.

Does this all sound good, but you don’t want to pay for it? Ok, then you don’t have to. If you are running the Detroit half or full in the fall, then you can get your entry fee to the race covered and the cost of the program! Join the American Cancer Society and raise funds for cancer research. By making that pledge you can have your cake and eat it too! If interested, please click the logo below.

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