Equip to Excel Level 1: Elite




Equip to Excel Elite is an integrative strength, stabilization, core, mobility, and release program. It targets the specific needs of endurance athletes both mentally and physically.

This 6 Week Program is perfect for endurance athletes…

-who are new to strength and mobility exercise

-seeking 1 on 1 support and accountability

-are looking to up

-level their mindset and mental stamina

-want to improve their bodies ability to generate power during their sport

-establish a solid biomechanical foundation

-build muscle strength

-increase their range of motion

What you get:

-Program begins after you purchase

-20 Minute video consultation video call, where we will begin to build our relationship and define your goals

-6 Week Equip to Excel Program delivered to you through my Communitas Wellness App

-3 Workouts per week that build upon each other

-Private Messaging to me through the app

-4 journal topics per week to meditate on and respond to.This will help you uncover thoughts or habits that may be holding you back from achieving your goals and give you the tools to turn those struggles into strengths

-Weekly, private (1 on 1) 30-minute video Zoom call. During the call, we can discuss topics relating to mindset, goal setting, roadblocks, training…

-Daily accountability and support