Equip to Excel: Level 3




Equip to Excel Level 3 Basic is an integrative strength, stabilization, core, mobility, and release program. It targets the specific needs of endurance athletes through dynamic strength and movement-based routines.

This 4 Week Program is perfect for endurance athletes…

-who are looking to increase their strength and mobility

-want to improve their bodies ability to generate power during their sport

-establish a solid biomechanical foundation

-build more efficiency

-increase their range of motion

What you get:

Each week, you will receive 3 workouts that build upon each other to engage and strengthen your muscles in a specific order. Subsequently your body adapts to the changes while still being able to train at a high level. The workouts are around 35 minutes and pack a punch! They provide the appropriate combination of strength training, core work and myofascial release.