Mindset for Athletes: Premium




To proactively train for any event, your physical strength is just as important as your mental mindset. At times our mental thoughts sabotage our training before our physical body is ready to throw in the towel. Once we get our physical and mental players on the same team, real growth can occur as an athlete. So if you are tired of mental thoughts interfering with your performance, check out my 6 week Mindset for Endurance Program.

This 6 Week Program is perfect for endurance athletes …

-who are looking to enhance their mindset and mental stamina

-create meaningful mindset goals and learn the tools to achieve them

-are ready to discover mental and emotional cues that are keeping them stuck in negative thought patterns and replace them with proactive ones

-looking for 1:1 support and someone to guide them through this process

What you get…

-1:1 support from me

-20 Minute video consultation video call, where we will begin to build our relationship and define your # 1 mindset goal

-Private Messaging to me through the app

-4 mindset-focused journal topics per week to meditate on and respond to. This will help you uncover thoughts or habits that may be holding you back from achieving your goals and give you the tools to turn those struggles into strengths

-Weekly 1:1, 30 minute video Zoom call