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Nutrition is vital to everyday health, adapting to training, and your performance. As a Specialist in General Nutrition and Sports Nutrition through the International Sports Sciences Association, I am here to help. LHR offers two great consultation services for your needs.

The first is a General Nutrition Consultation. This is great for the runner who is just looking to get a handle on everyday eating habits, maybe wants to lose some weight or body fat, and develop solid sustainable eating habits. The second is a Performance Nutrition Consult where we will evaluate your workout and race nutrition to help maximize training adaptations and performance. The performance consult should be done several weeks before your event in order to practice and tweak as necessary. The third option would be both the general and performance consult to give an entire picture. This would be for the runner looking to change habits and develop a sound workout/race strategy.

General Nutrition Consult: $100.00

  • Nutrition evaluation
  • General meal plan with food swap list
  • General nutrition recommendations
  • Any needed supplemental material
  • 45 minute call with suggestions
  • A follow up email if you have anything pop up after the call

Performance Nutrition Consult: $100.00

  • Nutrition evaluation (workout/race strategy)
  • Carboload Taper Plan if necessary
  • Workout nutrition guidelines and suggestions
  • Any needed supplemental material
  • 45 minute call with Q&A
  • Follow up email if you have anything pop up after the call

How it works:

Choose the option that best fits your needs. From there, you’ll receive a confirmation email after purchase. This email will contain links to some dietary surveys that will need to be completed. If need be, you’ll be sent a link separately within 1-2 days to start recording your diet to be evaluated. Once all paperwork is completed and submitted, along with a diet log, I’ll confirm and look it over. After 3-5 days, expect an email asking to set up a time to talk and discuss everything. We can set up a call or I can create a video for you to watch and then ask any follow up. At that time, I’ll provide any supplemental handouts and respond to any questions you have.