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Nutrition is vital to everyday health, adapting to training, and your performance. As a Specialist in General Nutrition and Sports Nutrition through the International Sports Sciences Association, we are here to help. Our athletes know hard to train, so make sure that you know how to fuel that training. Nutrition consultation is going to go beyond just tracking calories and macronutrients. We want practical and actionable steps that you can take. Our philosophy is to give you focus on 1-2 things at a time and develop new habits, not just tell you to eat this and not that. Nutrition is the catalyst that spurs the development of your training. It can keep you healthy, performing at a high level, and reaching new heights in what you thought possible.

(If you are a member of the Run Club make sure you use your discount code for 25% off. This will be available in the Run Club group documentation in the community. Coached athletes- reach out to your coach for the 100% off discount)

Nutrition Consult: $100.00

  • Nutrition evaluation
  • 1 Week of customized meal plan
  • Specific nutrition recommendations based on your dietary habits
  • Daily nutrition and workout nutrition recommendations
  • 45 minute call strategy session and Q&A
  • 25% off bloodwork from our friends at Inside Tracker

How it works:

After purchase, you will receive a confirmation email after purchase. This email will contain links to some dietary surveys that will need to be completed. as well as a link to start recording your diet to be evaluated. Once all paperwork is completed and submitted, along with a diet log, I’ll confirm and look it over. After 3-5 days, expect an email asking to set up a time to talk and discuss everything. We can set up a call or we can create a video for you to watch and then ask any follow up. At that time, I’ll provide any supplemental handouts and respond to any questions you have.