Training Consultation




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If you are already following a plan, but not working with a coach individually, this is a great way to get professional advice without the commitment to 1-1 coaching. If you’d like to have a coach look over your training log, offer advice for the rest of your training segment, nutrition strategy, race strategy, or just general training guidance, then this is the perfect option for you.

With the one -on-one consult, we can utilize Facetime, WhatsApp, or Skype to go over your training. I do ask that you set your appointment a few days down the road so I have time to look over the data you send me and I can look at your training log. Once I look over that, I’ll make some initial notes before we have our conversation.

If time, or face to face (virtual) discussion isn’t a priority, then we can do an email consult. I will take the same information and your initial questions to write out my notes and advice. Then I will record a video message with my recommendations for you. Now, I understand that this may give you some additional questions, so write those questions down (or send me a video message) and I will do another round of follow up responses for you.