Custom Training Schedules

Take the next step!

So, you’re ready for the next step!

A custom training schedule is the next best thing to having a coach. By having a custom training schedule designed around your specific needs and goals is a great option for the runner who just needs pointed in the right direction or wants to see an abbreviated version of the coaching.

Besides a custom training schedule, each runner will receive:

  • A completely custom schedule based on your needs and schedule
  • Set daily paces based on your time goals
  • Free account on
  • Goal setting prior to schedule completion
  • Approval of schedule upon completion

8 Week

$ 80
  • Perfect for those who are experienced and looking for something to fine tune their race specific training.

12 Week

$ 120
  • Perfect for those who are already running at a higher level and just need a focused training segment.

16 Week

$ 160
  • Great for the intermediate to age-grouper looking for a completely balanced training schedule.

20 Week

$ 200
  • A good option for the beginning to intermediate runner looking to focus on a single training segment. 20 weeks allows enough time to improve all training aspects.

24 Week

$ 240
  • The perfect option for the beginning runner looking to train for their first major event, or even the advanced runner looking for a multi segment racing plan.