Take the next step!

So, you’re ready for the next step!

A custom training schedule is the next best thing to having a coach. By having a custom training schedule designed around your specific needs and goals is a great option for the runner who just needs pointed in the right direction or wants to see an abbreviated version of the coaching.

Besides a custom training schedule, each runner will receive:

  • A completely custom schedule based on your needs and schedule
  • Set daily paces based on your time goals
  • Free account on finalsurge.com
  • Goal setting prior to schedule completion
  • Approval of schedule upon completion
  • 8 Week
  • $80
  • Perfect for those who are experienced and looking for something to fine tune their race specific training.
  • 12 Week
  • $120
  • Perfect for those who are already running at a higher level and just need a focused training segment.
  • 16 Week
  • $160
  • Great for the intermediate to age-grouper looking for a completely balanced training schedule.
  • 20 Week
  • $200
  • A good option for the beginning to intermediate runner looking to focus on a single training segment. 20 weeks allows enough time to improve all training aspects.
  • 24 Week
  • $240
  • The perfect option for the beginning runner looking to train for their first major event, or even the advanced runner looking for a multi segment racing plan.

How the schedule process works

Step 1

Decide on the length of time you need to train for your event. If you need help please email me. Usually, you can allow around 5-7 days for follow-up and schedule creation. During times of peak custom schedule requests, turn-around times may be up to 10-14 days.

Step 2

Make sure you fill out the training profile. This provides me with your training background, goals, time commitments, etc. I will use this to create your custom schedule.

Step 3

I will review your training profile and be in contact with any questions and follow up that is needed to provide you with the best training schedule possible. You will also receive an invite through FinalSurge.com to connect me as your coach, which you’ll need to accept.

Step 4

After follow-up questions are answered and you have accepted the coaching invite through FinalSurge.com, I will create the entire training program. Also provided will be my analysis of your goals and advice, my overall plan for your training block, description of paces that are provided based on your fitness level.