First Hanson’s Performance Camp!

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We didn’t lose anyone! Oh, I guess I shouldn’t lead with that…

Last weekend, HCS reached another milestone, it’s first adult running camp! It’s funny when you start a company, as you have big dreams. However, when they start to happen its a rubber-band ball of excitement, passion, teamwork, and fear! Gosh it it scary to take that leap of faith!

This past weekend was fun, laid back, and a education for coach and athlete! We certainly learned that people wanted to hear what we had to say. We also learned that some of the things that we were saying needed to be presented better. However, at the end of the day, we want to continue to grow and learn, just like our athletes.

Our athletes got to see a side of the Detroit metro area that is not shown on the news- dirt roads and paths, fresh air, and sunshine!  We also did some physiological testing on these folks. A new experience for most!

I hope we can add more of these camps and continue to improve the delivery of valuable training information. For those folks in our inaugural go-round, we cannot thank you enough!

Deep Thoughts

Camp Group Pic

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