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  • Matthew Shell

    June 7, 2022 at 2:12 pm

    1) Two attempts (both were a stretch goal under circumstances). Boston & Bayshore 2022

    2) plans – generally use HMM Advanced. Used Boston 75 for Boston then some sort of hybrid of 6 week back to back plan & HMM beginner plan between Boston & Bayshore

    3) yes – PR 3:01:34 (April 2021)

    Need to drop around 10 pounds to get back to weight I was for PR, then should likely be able to make a run at sub 3. Highly motivated to do it this fall as my Uncle BQ’d with good cushion for 2023 and I believe it is the only time he will run Boston so I would really like to be there with him. Really hoping that Chicago is in the window but if not, I’ll likely be looking at one of the Last Chance BQ2 races.