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  • erica deacon

    June 17, 2022 at 4:30 pm

    I’ve only run 1 previous marathon (over a decade ago 🙄), mainly with a just-finish program and mindset (thought i’d be 1 and done but i’m back 11 years later). I entered the NYC marathon through the 9 + 1 route which brought consistency to my running 3 years ago and some respectable 10k paces. I mostly run half marathons (not often races) and then last year ran 3 halves over 3 days with Utah elevation and heat. My one and only marathon plan used cumulative fatigue, but did not include any SOS/Strength work. I’m hoping to run a 4 hour race in September and then use NYC as a fun tourist race.

    Sept is my first time chasing 4 hours – I’m hopeful it will be possible with the HMM plan, based on grit learned in Utah last year, my 10k pace pre covid and a nice fast course.