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  • Colleen Yoo

    August 1, 2022 at 6:07 pm

    Sorry if my message was confusing. I have been doing 5K races all summer. I took a break for two weeks while in Africa. I was maintaining 25-30 miles per week prior to our trip. I started week 1 of 14 weeks today. The 14 week plan suggests that I do 2x2s on Thursday. The original 14 week plan looks like this: Monday-4/Tuesday-6/Wed-off/Thurs-2x2s/Friday-4/Satuday-4/Sunday-8. I was thinking I can do Monday-6/Tuesday-4/Wednesaday-6/Thursday-4/Frday-shakeout/Saturday-8 total to include the warmup and the 10k and then take Sunday off.