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  • Christine Cook

    December 12, 2022 at 2:35 pm

    Training is going well! I’m trying the 9 day beginner cycle this round and my 52 year old older body is appreciating the extra rest between SOS runs.

    The logistics of Tokyo are far more stressful than running 26 miles for me. The stress of traveling, testing negative at the expo, the assigned expo times, the not being able to bring any throw away clothes to the start to stay warm, the on course bathroom situation, etc etc! The list is long, and on top of all that I have a gluten allergy and Japan is not known to be very gluten free friendly, so fingers crossed that isn’t an issue as well. And having been deferred from 2020 and having that trip cancelled last minute adds to the trip planning stress as well. But hopefully all will go smoothly and I’ll control what I can and finally earn my 6th star!