Kevin and Keith Hanson are coaching fixtures in the running world. Since 1999, they’ve coached countless Olympic Trials qualifiers, 3 Olympians, and numerous members of World Championship teams. That’s quite a resume in itself, but they really started out as running store owners with a training plan to help people train for a marathon. You know these plans as the fixtures of the Hansons Marathon Method.

As the brothers trusted me with putting the plans to actual print, I experienced from all of the readers how much the plans helped them, but I also saw a lot of negative response. Most of the negativity was from people who never even tried the plan, but saw what it consisted of and instantly balked at the idea. Other people were just plain intimidated by the plan. Isn’t it funny- some people thought the plan was a joke because it didn’t have any 20 mile long runs and others thought it was so hard because you ran 6 days per week? Truth be told, the HMM plans are demanding and I think that’s good. We are big believers in not just surviving a marathon, but to train and perform well. In other word, my personal goal is to get a person that wanted to run a 5 hour marathon and get them to realize that with just a small change in training, that they could be a sub four hour marathon! However, given those lofty dreams, I also realize I have to meet people where they are at.

ORDER HANSONS FIRST MARATHON: Stepping up to the 26.2 the Hansons way!

Hansons First Marathon