High carbohydrate intake and overtraining

High carbohydrate intake and overtraining

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Today I discuss an article from mysportscience.com and how even two weeks of hard training with low carbohydrate intake can be detrimental to performance and feelings of well being. A common scenario that I see as a coach is that people train hard for a couple of weeks and since it’s harder than they have trained before (or a big jump back into it), they become fatigued, performance lags, and their mood decreases. The first thing they say is, “This must be cumulative fatigue.” So, they keep pushing for a few more weeks until they go completely off the rails. The problem is, that it’s not cumulative fatigue. Their symptoms of fatigue are occurring way too soon in the program. Plus, with cumulative fatigue, you may feel tired, but the workout times are still there. So, here’s a quick 15-minute recap of the article posted and the study did behind the article. If you find yourself in this situation, this is an easy thing to check out and an easy thing to fix, if need be.


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