Introducing the HCS Online Run Club!

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When I started HCS in May of 2006, our goal was to simply be there for the people who were using Kevin and Keith’s marathon training plans. We were really just thinking that we could answer some emails and consult athletes who were already using the training plans. Since then we have evolved into so much more and thanks to the power of three books and a little thing called the Internet, we are showing a whole new audience the benefits of the Hansons Marathon Method.

With our widened audience and expanded coaching base we have built an awesome community of runners who are true believers in the system. We’ve also gained 10 plus years of taking the timeless training plans and expanding, tweaking, and modifying into a library of over 40 training plans for distances of 5k to 100 miles!

Despite the growth and the change into a business, goal #1 has always been to be there to help people. Unfortunately, hiring an individual coach can be pretty darn expensive. So we got to thinking. We have a ton of training plans, a bunch of training resources, an amazing platform with Final Surge, and and incredibly knowledgeable community already in place. Why can’t we utilize these to make something pretty darn incredible?

So we did! I am pretty dang pumped to present to you the HCS Online Run Club! The guys at Final Surge took our idea and “ran” with it! The Run Club certainly allows you to download any of our training plans into a dynamic training log, but we are so much more than that!

Check out these features:

  • Social wall to post whatever you want
  • Message boards where we have more in depth discussions
  • Live coaching broadcasts. Don’t worry, they are recorded to watch on demand, too.
  • 40+ (and counting) training plans that you can select to start or finish on a specified date. Plans range from 5k to 100 miles
  • Dozens of videos that we’ve recorded over the years
  • Dynamic training log- need to move your days around? It’s as easy as drag and drop!
  • Daily email notification of upcoming workouts.
  • Access to the HCS staff via messaging, the social wall, and the message board!
  • Sync your Garmin and it can automatically update your Final Surge training log

You can check out all the details at Are you already a fan of the Hanson Marathon Method? Join the Hansons Coaching Community Facebook page for a cool discount. Not ready for the investment? Purchase the book for cheap and try 30 days on us! You can purchase HERE.

If you have a running club, group of training partners, or a workplace looking to train for a race, please contact us. We can hook you up based on the number of people looking to run.

As always, thanks for your support! We hope you find the Run Club a viable option to reaching your maximum potential!

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Join the CLUB NOW! Get to the next level and have fun doing it!

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