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Coach Corey K!

I have always said that I wouldn’ t try to coach too many athletes. The number I always thought reasonable was 30 coached runners. There was no formula, just a random estimation. Well, these days I find myself always hovering between 25 and 30 runners. So, in order to keep going, we get to add our first employee. That lucky fella is Corey. Check out his credentials here. Corey will be taking on athletes as I creep past my self imposed limit. Corey will also be a major force in our local clinics and presentations.

This is a very exciting time for Hanson’s Coaching Services, as we are growing into a source of coaching and running information that will only be a postive! As we go, Corey will continue to be a part of the operations. Now, we just need to get him to get a mug shot posted.


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