LHR Mileage Challenge- We need your help!

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Hey All, So, I have HUGE favor to ask. Short backstory- Coach Nikki and I have been tasked with starting a cross country team from scratch and starting with a budget of zero dollars. In an attempt to combat some of those costs, I am going to do a summer mileage challenge. Here’s how it’s going to work. Sign up through the link below. This will be on Final Surge platform. Once you sign up, you’ll automatically be on a “team” in Final Surge. All you really need to do is sync up your watch or your Strava so that the volume syncs into your calendar. Log your miles for 12 weeks from June 10 through August 31- 12 weeks. That’s really about it! I am also offering a group in here (LHR) to keep everyone together. I plan on doing giveaways and keeping everyone engaged. Let’s have some fun with this! Here’s the options- 350 or 500 mile challenge: $49.95 Challenge with a training plan: $74.95 and you get the choice of training plan. My goal is to raise $1000 for the seed funds for the program. We are about 10% of the way there, so I humbly ask for your help! Once you complete the challenge, we’ll send you a limited edition shirt! Full details and signup:

Thanks, everyone!

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