LHR Update: 5/12/24

LHR Update

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As we get into mid-May, we are entering the backend of the Spring marathon season with the biggest races completed, and now are left with mostly Memorial Day races and Grandmas! So, it’s a transition time. 

We have already addressed a lot of tapering and racing, so I won’t go back into those things, but if you have questions, I encourage you to explore either the Facebook group or my blog. 

If you are on Team LHR (formally known as The Run Club), we have been discussing the upcoming summer and any Last Chance BQ attempts. So be sure to check out those Zoom calls in our private community. 

I did actually put out a blog post this week! It’s been a while. A few months ago, I finally was able to get a copy of the book, Speed with Endurance, written by Coach Squires. He was the coach of the Greater Boston Track Club and coached a lot of great runners from cross country to the marathon. In any case, I have been reading it and came across his Energy Index Chart. A simple four questions that you grade from A-F with an accompanying point score. I think this is a great way to monitor your “regression” from being fresh at the beginning of a segment to feeling tired as you get late into the training. I think it can keep you from taking it too far. Take a look at the full post with a PDF to print and use yourself. 

Any topics you want me to cover? Drop me a note! I’ll see what I can do. 

New Swag! 

Since updating our log, we haven’t done anything with swag! We now have updated swag with the clean new logo. Check out the gear here: https://teamlocker.squadlocker.com/#/lockers/luke-humphrey-running 

A great way to show some love and get some new drip! 

May Deals, 

There are two great holidays in May- Mother’s Day and Memorial Day, but did you know it’s also our birthday month? LHR was formed in May of 2006. So to celebrate all month long, take 18% off any of our training plans! 5k to 100 miles, strength training. We got it all and just in time for summer racing and fall marathon buildups! 

Check ‘em out at www.finalsurge.com/coach/lukehumphreyrunning and use the code ANNIVERSARY18

Also, on May 1, we transitioned from the Run Club to Team LHR and are building the team atmosphere there! Get access to coaches, log checks, use our training plans, and more! We’d love to have you check it out with a 14 day free trial. 

Visit www.lukehumphreyrunning.com/membership to see what you get with Team LHR and if it’s something you want to try, use the code FSTP100 at checkout! This will work for monthly and yearly signups. 

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