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Cape Town, South Africa

Racing Distances

1/2 Marathon, Marathon, Ultras, Trail/Mountain

Personal Bests

Marathon 2:59:26 (2018 Amsterdam)

Half Marathon 1:23:34 (2020 Cape Town)

Comrades 90 09:44:00

2 Oceans 56 04:58:00

No other PBs worth noting here (need to hit a good 5k and 10k still)

1500m 4:15 (age 15)



Age 42. I picked up running at 36 after an 18 odd year hiatus after track days at school. Sad to have missed those intervening years, but glad I have a few years racing still left in me. It was a slow build up from the starting days, going from a mild interest, to doing a first marathon to qualify for Cape Town’s iconic 2 Oceans Ultra, to pushing harder with marathons but not finding my groove, to getting a Comrades out of the way, and ultimately to deciding to go seriously and targeting a sub-3 at Amsterdam in 2018. Made it by the skin of my teeth.

Planning to run Boston in Oct 2022 (1 month away as I write this), and joining this community because I all of a sudden have a fairly ‘out there’ ambition of trying to run a 2:48 marathon, which must be on the very outer limits of my capability, if at all.

Have followed the Hansen method twice (advanced) – the one was cut short by global lockdown, and currently well into the latter stages of preparation for Boston (targeting 2:58). This is if I manage to get there, with global travel restrictions this is proving tricky.

Looking forward to being a member of this community, and potentially of kicking off a coaching programme to target Berlin 2022.

Upcoming Races

Boston (11 October)

Ultra Trail Cape Town (100k) 27 Nov