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St. Louis, MO….University City

Racing Distances

5k, 10k, 1/2 Marathon, Marathon

Personal Bests

Personal Bests:

Marathon: 3:03:59

Half-Marathon: 1:27:39

10k : 42:43

5k: 19:03

1 mile: 4:39

Age Group 40-44 1st place St. Louis Track Club Half Marathon


I’m 43 years old, and I have been running since middle school, with a few hiatuses along the way.  I was born in Kansas City, MO and I currently live in St. Louis, MO.  I ran cross country in 9th grade, but my 10th grade year was cut short by a knee injury, so I took up swimming that same year, after my recovery.  I swam from 10th to 12th grade, and I qualified for the state championships my junior and senior year, in the 500yd and 200yd races.  I joined the track team my senior year, after nearly 3 years of no running.  The 1st few weeks I was pretty slow, running with JV.  At our 1st race, I ran the mile and broke 5 minutes, which got onto varsity, and eventually district championships that spring.  I was back in running f0rm! After college, in my mid 20’s, I ran my 1st marathon in Columbus Ohio, 2002, and I broke 3:30, so I figured I’d keep running marathons after optometry school was over.  My second marathon is pictured in my cover photo.  I ran a 3:23 in 2007, then kept a marathon per year from 2007 to 2011.   I qualified for Boston 2010 with a 3:08:48, at the rock n roll phoenix , AZ in January 2009.   Back then if you ran a qualifying time, then you ran Boston, and that was my 1st and 0nly Boston.  After another several year hiatus, I decided to attempt breaking the 3 hour mark in a marathon.  I’ve run a marathon every year from 2016 to 2018.  My PR was in October 2018, 3:03:59, at Lakefront Milwaukee Marathon.  I took a break in 2019, but I did a virtual marathon in 2020.  I’m still chasing sub 3, but I’m also just trying to stay as fit a runner as my aging body will allow.  I LOVE RUNNING!

Upcoming Races

I’m currently utilizing Luke’s coaching, in order to attempt a sub 3 marathon.  My first realistic attempt will be the Glass City Marathon LIVE!  on April 25, 2021.