News 8/5/2013

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Hey All,

Well, we are moved in to our official office now! Super pumped. Still some construction going on, like a shower being installed, mirrors hung, and trying desperately to get internet service put in. We are currently borrowing from our neighbors in suite B. Thanks guys!

photo (2)

With the new space, we are open to a lot of new possibilities. We have a great spot to do some seminars, add some individual or group coaching, do some metabolic testing (VO2max, and the sort), some form analysis. Lots of great possibilities that all of our current coaches are looking at to be able to provide. So stay tuned!

Speaking of coaches, we are also pleased to add Mike Morgan as an assistant coach to HCS. Mike has been with the Hanson’s since 2005 and has put together quite a running resume. He knows the system and it has made him successful. Check out his bio HERE.

So, hopefully as the year winds down, we’ll get some things finalized and be able to get some great new options out to everyone!


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