Our Basic Coaching Program

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Why don’t people hire a coach?

That’s the question I ask myself many times. After nearly a decade of asking that question, I have narrowed it down to three typical reasons based on my experience.

The first, they don’t know how. This is the least common, but it happens. Frankly, it’s not why I am writing this article. And, if you are reading this, then you know where to find a coach.

The second is that people don’t think they are “good” enough. Well, if you are serious about improving, then we are serious about helping you improve. Again, not the main reason I’m writing this, so we’ll save it for later.

The third and most common reason that I’ve found that people don’t hire a coach is that it’s just too dang expensive. And, let’s be honest here, the whole sport of running is simply not cheap anymore. As soon as I formed HCS as an actual company it was a big part of the thought process. It’s a tough balance between paying my coaches what they are worth and providing a great value to people who need help.

With that, the idea of our Basic Coaching package. It’s a great way to provide a form of coaching without breaking the bank. Here’s why it provides value without sacrificing service. The biggest cost of a coach is paying for the time they are actually writing your schedule- think personal trainer rates. So, what if we could take that cost out? Guess what, we can!

Several years ago we created a number of schedules using the Hanson philosophy but adjusting for weeks, miles being run, event, and goal time. We also have the ability to not only provide a paper form, but also drop it into a running log site that provides you daily messages about upcoming runs. These features cut the cost of coaching down dramatically.

So here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for Basic Coaching
  2. Fill out your training profile
  3. A coach (Melissa) receives your profile and helps you select the right schedule.
  4. You get an online training log and schedule is downloaded to your calendar.
  5. Start training and utilize your coach on a monthly basis. The training log site emails your next workout on a nightly basis, so even if you use another system, you’ll still know what your workout is.
  6. After your race, Melissa can help you plan what’s next and even give you transition and recovery schedules. Whether it’s a short term or long term venture, we can meet your running development needs!

This program is a great opportunity to take a low risk jump into hiring an online coach. You can get a great training plan and find out that there really is a real human on the other end of the modem. To make it an even better deal, let’s throw in this coupon code of 20% off our Basic Coaching Program: velo_20  This is good only for new basic coaching sign-ups.

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