Why Should I Consider Strength Training?

A very reasonable question, and one that I have struggled with myself. I used to just think that if I wanted to run faster, that I needed to a) run more and b) run faster. And for many of us, this is just fine. If we currently run 30 miles per week and bump it up to 40 miles per week, then we will get faster. If we stay at 30 and add speedwork, we’ll get faster…

Benefits of Strength Training

Improved body composition through improved metabolism and fat loss
An improved body composition isn’t about being skinny, but rather having an appropriate percentage of body fat and muscle mass. How strength training can accomplish that is pretty straight forward. The first mechanism is simply burning more calories throughout the week. For most of us, we won’t burn a million extra calories through strength training, but it adds up. For instance,…

Strength Training Products

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