Thanks! Let’s get started!

Thanks! Let’s get started!


If you subscribed to Run Club Lite, please ignore and do not complete the training profile below. Thanks!

Please fill out the Training Profile below!

The Training Profile gives your personal coach much of the background information they need to get you started. The more detail you can provide, the better your coach can write the best training plan possible for your unique situation. After you’ve completed the Training Profile, your coach will contact you to begin training!

Questions? Email [email protected] for assistance.


  1. I need to be billed on the first of the month, as that is my retired military payday. If you have to wait two days to process me, that is fine. But the first is very important to me.

  2. I had a few issues with pay pal. if you did not receive all of my registration info let me know to re-enter,

  3. Hi Luke,

    I had filled out a profile yesterday before I ran into issues with what program I was going to sign up for. Do you have the profile or do I need to fill it out again?


  4. I just signed up for Personal Coaching. I selected Advanced, but it processed me as Intermediate. I would like to change it to Advanced and also have input in the coach chosen to work with me. Thank you, Nancy Smith

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