Training Consultations

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Many of you have found LHR through one of my books chronicling the Hansons Marathon Method and use the programs described in the book. There is also a lot of guidance in those books and so serve as an entry into the training philosophy. There isn’t a need for personal coaching (yet), but what if you just want some guidance specific to your situation? Well, you are in luck. You can access a coach for specific guidance, without signing up for personal coaching. I am pleased to offer one time training consultations through email, phone, or video!


Many times an athlete just wants a coach to look over what they have done to reaffirm that they are headed in the right direction. If they aren’t, then give guidance as to righting the ship. Maybe they need help deciding if they are training for the right goal or if their self made schedule looks reasonable. Sometimes they just want to put together a rock solid race strategy plan. Whatever your need, we can be there for you. 


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The second option we have is nutrition specific consultations. After training advice, nutrition is the second most request for guidance. Lucky for you, I am certified in general and sports nutrition through the International Sports Science Association (ISSA). Whether you want to get a handle on your day to day diet, set a plan to shift body composition while training hard, or develop a race nutrition plan, we can help you out. I’ll look over your data, give practical guidance, and be there for your follow up questions. 


Check out the nutrition consult options


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