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Finding a training plan is as easy as typing in “marathon training plan” into a search engine, right? Sure, and then you’ll have pages of free plans that guarantee success. We’ve been writing plans for decades now and we know what can work. With thousands of personal bests and Boston Qualifiers to back it up. While we have a couple hundred plans to choose from, don’t let that scare you. All you really need is to:

  1. Know the distance you are going to race.
  2. If you want metric or imperial.
  3. Know how long you want to plan to go for (8-20 weeks).
  4. The volume you want to peak out at.

From there, simply find the plan that best fits your needs. If you have questions, we can help you sort out which plan would be the best fit for you. Once you purchase the plan, you’ll have access to it right away. Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose the plan that fits your needs and purchase through our partners at Final Surge.
  2. Once purchased, you’ll be prompted to create a FREE Final Surge account and place your plan in your training calendar by either end or start date.
  3. Once your plan is placed, you’ll be able to set your day to day paces, HR, or power zones through Final Surge.
  4. Get ready to train for your best race!

Purchasing a training plan has a number of features to help you become your best!

  • Structured Workouts!

    Structured workouts that you can sync directly to your Garmin and other GPS watches. No more setting up your workouts manually!

  • Syncing extraordinaire!

    Sync your Final Surge account to your GPS, Strava training logs, daily calendars (Google, iCal, etc).

  • Notifications!

    Email or text notifications regarding upcoming workouts.

  • 12k Facebook Group!

    Our FREE facebook group with over 12,000 LHR and HMM users for community and discussion.

  • Plans do not expire.

    Lifetime access to your plans.

  • Easy print options!

    Print feature to print your day to day plan with training details and notes.

  • Drag & Drop.

    Drag and drop customization to your personal daily schedule.

What if you purchased and realize that the plan isn’t the right one for you? No problem! Just let us know and we’ll swap out with a more fitting plan.