2015 Summer High School Training

Final Surge!

It seems like every year we get emails regarding high school running. As coaches, we’ve always been hesitant with High Schoolers, not because we don’t like you, but rather because their situation is unique. We’ve never wanted to step on the toes of their coaches and we don’t want them hearing different things from different people. That just creates confusion and frustration. All that leads to is a kid who doesn’t really want to run anymore. Our problem was simply,

“How can we help kids (maybe coaches, too) be better runners, have fun, and learn how to become their absolute best?”

Well, we’ve found it!

Thanks to the help of our partners at Final Surge we have a way to do all that. Even your coaches can join the fun! Here’s a look at everything that’s going on.

Some Features

  • Training plans based on summer mileage goals
  • Leaderboards for mileage, grade, days being consistent, and MORE
  • Closed Facebook group for the athletes AND coaches
  • T-Shirt swag upon schedule completion


To learn more and to register check out the 2015 HCS summer high school challenge


GPS devices, I’ll bet Coach Kubatzky’s next paycheck on this!

On what exactly? On the fact that your GPS watch will nearly never say the same distance that you just raced. Why is Humphrey so fired up, you ask? I’m not really, but I just answered an email from a very fast woman I coach who is insisting that she alter her marathon goal pace so that she can account for Boston being a long course.

We’ll live and die by our GPS watch, but not think twice that it’s not 100% accurate.

Now, I am not really that fired up. For one, we were really splitting hairs about the actual pace- it was a matter of 1-2 seconds either way. However, what worries me, is that she is accepting that her GPS is more accurate than the standardized certification process for race courses. That she is more willing to say that one of the biggest marathons in the world would be up to 0.25 miles long, rather than think that her GPS might just be a little bit off. What is really troublesome is that her thoughts are so common in the running world. We’ll live and die by our GPS watch, but not think twice that it’s not 100% accurate.


Here’s a couple articles I found doing a quick Google search:

With all of those articles, and I just picked a few, there’s no need for me to go into the measurement and the process. I can tell you- I’ve run though downtown Chicago, Boston, Manhattan, and other cities. Heck, the first mile of the Chicago Marathon goes down a hill and under ground for about 200-300 meters and my GPS loses signal there every single time! You have satellites trying to pick you up between massive skyscrapers and it’s bound to be off at least a couple feet. We all know that a couple feet here and there, over the course of 26.2 miles can add up!

So what do we do? Well, as much as it pains me, coach Mike Morgan offers up some advice that he uses for his marathons. I have adopted this for the last couple I have done, too.

  1. Turn the auto lap off! Take your splits manually. I really like this. That way you aren’t getting a buzzer where your GPS is trying to tell you where the mile mark is, rather than where the race is telling you where the mile marker is.
  2. I’m referring to Garmin here, because it’s what we have. I use two screens I can see. The first shows my lap pace and lap distance, I use that really more for a mental trick towards the end of the race- I can see how close I’m getting to the next mile and can convince myself to focus on maintaining my pace for that much longer. The second screen shows my average pace as one big number. Sometimes I’ll just flip to that so I can focus on keeping that average pace within my goal pace. Again, this is more of a mental trick than using it for measurement purposes.

Is doing this 100% accurate?

Well no, because I’m starting off with a device that’s not going to be perfect. What it helps with though is fighting that deflation feeling of hearing my watch lap buzz 50 feet before the mile marker sign and then 100 feet, then 150 feet… I know how deflating that can be to your mental state, which directly leads to slowing down and being frustrated. Nothing worse than having that feeling for no reason.

Alright, I’m getting off my soapbox. As always, thanks for reading!




Proud to forge a new partnership

Since Hanson’s Coaching Services was forged in the spring of 2006, we realized that the hardest part of online coaching was delivering training plans to our athletes. That’s a pretty tough problem, when you are an online company!

These were great for athletes, but not very easy for the coach to write and deliver training plans.

Like many coaches we used Excel and Google spreadsheets, and experimented with training diaries. These were great for athletes, but not very easy for the coach to write and deliver training plans. There is a well-known site that is great, but it puts the costs on the athletes. It felt like we had to charge more for coaching just so our athletes could access their training logs and look at their information. Well, I am here today to announce that all of those problems are history! Thanks to our new partner, Final Surge, we have the platform to deliver all training to our athletes.

Final Surge

There are a ton of advantages to using Final Surge, but our athletes will be the biggest benefactors. One of the biggest problems as a coach is getting an athlete to fill out their log for you to see. A lot of this is because athletes have their own training logs on another site. With Final Surge, they have the capability with syncing with Garmin Connect, so you automatically update your Final Surge log at the same time! The folks at Final Surge have just been getting started- so look for more great features to be released as the year continues.


Lastly, we are very proud to partner with Final Surge by using their ability to deliver our 40+ training plans for everything from beginner 5k’s to elite marathon runners. You can still purchase the files from us, but if you want the files AND a dynamic training plan, then please visit their Training Plans page today!

2014 ended with a partnership made and 2015 looks to be even better!