Update: 3/27/2012

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Hey all, several updates and announcements to discuss:

1) Big weekend of races this past weekend. Corey is in the middle of updating points. EMAIL COREY if you have results that you want included.

2) At focus races, there are often several distances being contested. A perfect example is the 25k in Grand Rapids. The 25 is the primary race, but there is also a 5k and 10k. With that said, we will honor the triple points for those races, too. The goal of the team is to get as many people at the races as possible, and this opens it up for everyone. Also, it gives beginner runners a better opportunity to accumulate points.

3) Challenges List: There is a complete list of challenges up! You can download the spreadsheet. Use this to know what the challenges are and keep track of where you are at.

4) There is a new “handbook” available now with updates in procedures and descriptions for the challenges. I recommend downloading this for your reference. Handbook

5) For Bill Roney Runners: Calcualte your AGE GRADED PERFORMANCES and submit your results. Part of the challenge is based on age graded performance.

6) If you have not submitted your personal bests and/or ages please send in. We need those for our records and for challenges.

Wheew… I think that is it for now! Great job to everyone. I will post the point standings once Corey has them completed. As of today we have 87 Yellow Team members!


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