Updated Dynamic Warm Up and Drills

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We are putting a ton of new content together that will be released to our campers in a couple weeks, but some of it I can start to trickle out now. We have a dynamic warmup plan in place already, but updated it with a few new exercises and ideas. I’ll start posting the other info that goes along with this ASAP, but at least right now you can have the routine to start doing.

Quick Basics

Use a dynamic warm up to increase your immediate mobility before you begin to run. This will increase your functional flexibility (the flexibility you need to be able to run well. By well, I mean that you don’t look like you don’t have any mobile joints) Ideally, you should take a few minutes before you run to do this. Over time you’ll notice residual increases in your general flexibility.

I also have on there the form drills. These are best done before your workout- speed, strength, and tempo runs. This will help develop neuromuscular connections, improve your running economy, form, and overall speed.

Download PDF below!

As I mentioned, I have more info that I will release on this topic, but for now, here’s the updated routine:


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