Weekly Check In

Weekly check in

Weekly form to see how athletes are handling training.

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Did you run all your workouts? Get all your runs in? If not, what happened?
Any changes I should know about- life, job, etc
What is your overall stress level after this week? 1 being no real stress (very well managed) to 10. 10 being high stress, not well managed.
Is your log filled out with comments on workouts or if anything is bothering you? Any needed injury updates added? Anything specific you want me to look at that hasn’t already been addressed?
How have you done with strength training this week
Mobility routines, Theraguns, foam rolling. Anything goes, but di you do it?
Recovery Modules
What recovery modules did you take advantage of- massage, thereaboots, etc
Waht was your average Deep REM sleep? (If you wear a device)
How much fluid did you consume daily (on average)
How many meals and snacks did you eat on average
How many meals and snack would you say you ate on a daily basis?