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This summer saw many things going on at Hanson’s Coaching Services, but a new site was one of the things that was being done quietly. I am pleased to now have a new website and platform that will allow for expansion- a big “Thank You!” to Josh Eberly at www.runsleepdesign.com

The new site is mostly functional, but I am still working out some small details. I still have a laundry list of things to update on the site, as far as content, but I can’t be more pleased with the framework of the site.

One of the things you will notice, is a ‘members only’ area, which is something I have wanted for a long time. It will have a lot of info that won’t be available to non-coached athletes. My goal is to continually provide the data, research, and practicality of training to make you better runners. Some features in the private area:

  • blog where I will write more in depth about specific trainng
  • forum where we can discuss anything
  • training packets and updated training info
  • stretching and resistance routines
  • hopefully a ‘live’ chat featue
  • videos from various clinics, discussions that I do in the metro Detroit area

All of these features will make the athlete experience more fulfilling and continue to provide education to not just make you faster, but an overall better runner.

The content is limited at the moment to training documents and videos, but the goal is to add content on a weekly basis. So, please check back to see where we are at.

You can purchase memberships, or memberships will be part of the coaching experience. I will provide more info on that at a later date! Thanks everyone for checking out the new site!

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