Coaching FAQ’s

Coaching FAQ's

We get this question a lot, and of course, the answer depends on what kind of support you are looking for. The two biggest factors are customization and coach interaction. Do you want to use one of our 100+ tried and tested training plans or have a custom plan written specifically for your situation? Do you want access to a coach to get feedback on your workouts and ask questions or do you just need a solid training plan to follow? Coaching is expensive, and we totally realize that, which is why we tried to provide awesome coaching programs for all price levels. If you have any questions, please give us a shout at [email protected].

Here’s a basic breakdown of our coaching options with regards to these two factors:

  • Training Plans – Choose from one of our many tried and tested training plans, no coach interaction
  • Custom Training Plans – Custom training plan created just for you, no coach interaction
  • Online Run Club – Access to all our tried and tested training schedules, group coaching interaction
  • Silver Level Coaching – Tried and tested training plan, unlimited interaction with personal coach
  • Gold Level Coaching – Custom training plan, unlimited interaction with personal coach

You have an option to request which coach you want to work with when you fill out your Training Profile. We limit the number of people each coach works with so that we don’t overextend their ability to provide high level coaching to each athlete. When you sign up we take a look at your situation and try to match you with a coach that fits you best.

After you are paired with a coach, they will send you a request to be coached via Once you accept, the two of you will be paired up and your coach will be able to input your training. You receive daily emails regarding upcoming workouts. Your coach will receive daily updates regarding your updated training log.

If you purchase one of our already proven training programs through, it will be automatically loaded into your training calendar. You will have the option to download a copy of the plan as well.


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