I feel like having guidance from a sensible coach is something that everyone could benefit from. I have had a coach my entire running life, and can’t imagine trying to learn the things I have all by myself. However, I know that we can’t all have a personal coach, nor do we necessarily need to have complete access to one. Sometimes, all we need is a good solid training schedule to help us achieve our goals.

With all of that said, it has been an idea of mine to create training schedules that are more specific than beginner, intermediate, and advanced. When working with runners, I have learned that some have been training for years, but can only run 30-40 miles a week, due to any number of reasons.

So, why not create a schedule based on maximizing the amount of training someone can get in a certain amount of time and a certain amount of mileage? That’s the goal of these training schedules. They are broken up to provide the best training for different mileage ranges and the amount of time someone has to train for an event.

The goal is to provide an affordable but concise option for all groups of runners. The schedules are $4.95 – $29.95 and are downloadable immediately after purchase. Gotta post this legal info!

  • Free Final Surge account which includes:

    text/email notifications
    training app
    dynamic training logs (drag and drop days around, choose start date or ending date, etc)

  • PDF of training plan and training packet

  • Immediate access to a complete training plan