We all want to be a better runner, but how we take the next steps can be overwhelming!
There are a lot of challenges involved. 

  • I am not sure that what I am doing is right.
  • Everyone seems to be telling me something different.
  • I like the idea of a coach, but I don’t know. It’s expensive. I don’t know if I need someone looking at my training every day. 
  • I don’t think I am very fast, who is going to work with me? Do they understand my needs? 
  • I seem to be lacking a lot in my regimen, how do I know what to prioritize?
  • I love the training philosophy of the HMM system, but am I getting the most out of myself? Is there more to it than just the plan?
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What if there was a hub that addressed all of those challenges?

I have created the Team LHR membership to help all runners have what they needed to be successful without the price tag of an individual coach. What if I told you that with the Team LHR you had:
  • Access to world class coaches on an “as needed” basis.
  • Had access to information about training that you could consume on demand.
  • A supportive community that is training for the same races or the same goal time that you are.
  • Had access to training plans and workouts that are built from the HMM philosophy, but tweaked over our year of writing training plans for individuals.
That would be pretty amazing, right? And, we can do it for the fraction of the price of a individual coach.

Here at LHR, we recognize these problems and we are here for you. Since 2006 I and my coaches have been working with runners of all levels but on an individual basis. We have learned a lot about what individuals need and how to apply the concepts to many at the same time. This means you can have access to us, but not break the family budget. 

Helping runners is what we have done since 2006.

There’s a good chance that you are here because you’ve read one of the Hansons Marathon Method books. While those are a great start, it is the foundation to which you can expand from. Many people have read the books and been left with a “now what” kind of void. Team LHR fills that void by offering everything we’ve learned from coaching individuals. For a long time, we have offered the training plans for sale, or offered individual coaching.

However, this left a void that is now filled with the Team LHR.

  • The biggest feature of Team LHR is that you get access to hundreds of training plans, which makes it the next best thing to getting a custom training plan.
  • The second best feature is we show you how to make it completely your own and are here to answer questions as they come up.

We are partnered with an incredible platform that makes this customization as easy as dragging and dropping days as you need. This makes it a winning combination of nearly custom training plans accompanied by the best coaches in the business on the standby to help if you need. 

What makes LHR different is that we are the best runners you have probably never heard of.

Between our coaches we have:

  • Over 100 years of running experience.
  • Raced in dozens of national championship races.
  • Competed in over 15 Olympic Trials.
  • Compiled over 50 year of coaching experience.
  • Completed dozens of World Marathon Major Marathons.
  • Represented the USA in over 6 World Championships.

BUT, do you know what the best part is?

We did it and are parents, spouses, business owners, full time employees, small business owners, and gig economists. We’ve all performed at high levels while being all of these other things. We’ve learned how to train and be participating members of society. We know what it’s like when you have a big race and a big work presentation due the same week. We know what it’s like when your kid’s practice is now during your normal running time. We get it, and we know how to make it work. 

Team LHR

30 day money-back guarantee
$ 59
  • Save 2 months with our Annual Plan @ $599.95/year
  • Access to our Social Wall
  • Access to Premium Courses
  • Access to our Premium Community Group
  • Training Feedback via Group
  • Communitcation via Private Group
  • Free Podcast Subscription
  • Free Tips & Tricks via Blog
  • Access to 200+ Training Plans
  • Coaching Access via Group
  • Plan Adjustments via Group feedback
  • Exclusive Discounts
  • Monthly Log Checks

What you get!

Currently, we have plans from base building all the way to elite level marathon plans. Nearly 250 plans that will help any level of runner training for any distance race.

Not sure what 250 plans looks like? Check out my library here.

Our own activity feeds, friends, and ability to reach out to the community to get advice, offer advice, or just give yourself a shoutout (or a buddy)!

Multiple forums that help with specific races to general fitness. A plethora of knowledge and dialog that will talk about race day strategy to logistics of travel for a certain race. This community driven feature will be vital for you for a successful event.

Get robust reporting, sync your Garmin to directly upload into the calendar, drag and drop for easy schedule adjustments, and get emailed every night your workout for the next day.

See everything Final Surge has to offer.

Ability to sync your GPS, Strava, and other fitness apps to Final Surge and keep all your training data in one place. Your training paces are also loaded into your daily calendar based on your goal time.

That includes our Boston marathon course videos and our marathon course videos.

I do regular in depth live discussions on various topics. I also do monthly open Q and A’s. These are done only for Team LHR members.

Within the membership we have courses that are self paced. Current titles include Goal Setting, Nutrition, Training Metrics, Boston Marathon Training and many other bite sized coursed to help practically apply complex, and Boston Marathon Training.

This is your time to get individual advice on how your training is going. You’ll have access to a monthly log check form to get an LHR coach to help with anything going on.


Probably. Since starting coaching in 2006, this has been a common question. It’s amusing to me, simply because I get asked that all the time, and the people asking it are all about the same level of running! From our stats, the majority of the runners we work with are in the 35-45 age group, with probably 60% being women and 40% being men. If you are running in the 3:30-4:15 range for the marathon, then you are right in the median of people we work with. 

The short answer is… yes! But don’t confuse “fast” with serious. When I think of a serious runner, I think of someone who takes what they do with some seriousness. They want to learn to be a better runner. They are open minded, they are coachable, and they make running a priority in their life. 

The common misconception is that everyone is on the same schedule or training for the same race. The truth is, you have access to all our plans and from my experience, writing individual plans out a few weeks at a time is very time consuming. I would say that’s the #1 factor in driving the cost on individual coaching. That’s taken out of the equation here. think of group coaching as something like this- instead of sending 30-50 emails weekly asking if anyone needs anything or looking at 30-50 training logs, I can simply send out a single post asking the same things. And if 5 people respond, they get the attention. It is making sure the group is ok and not just looking over a person’s shoulder telling them to fill out their running log! 

Sometimes, you just have something you don’t want to share with a few hundred of your closest friends. I get it! Don’t worry, we have a private messaging system where you can ask a coach a question. 

I come to learn that a lot of runners are introverts. They like when others post, but they don’t really care about posting their own stuff. That’s ok! The social aspect is only a fraction of what we offer. The value of the training plans, courses, webinars, and videos still make it a great deal. 

I know that there’s so much social media out there and this could add just another thing. I was asked about just doing a private Facebook group and I decided against it. True, a lot of people are on there anyway, but they are just scrolling through. With algorithms and ads, and whatever, we miss a lot. This is a specific place to come to for specific reasons. I know it won’t get used regularly, but when you do come it will have purpose and not just scrolling. Some people are in the site everyday and others just come once or twice a week. 

The Platform

Final Surge Training Plans