About Us

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In 2006 I began coaching athletes online as a way to supplement my income (and put my master’s degree in exercise science to work) as I continued to pursue my own running career. Since then, myself and our coaches have been a part of thousands of personal bests from the 5k through the marathon, hundreds of Boston Qualifiers, and dozens of Olympic Trials qualifiers.

Our core values stem around three components. The first is to learn and to teach. Learning comes from continuing to expand our coaching knowledge base to be completely encompassing of the runners needs. Learning also comes from our athletes. We learn how to make our philosophies fit practically into the real world. With that, it’s our core belief to take what we know and pass it on to you. I have a thorough belief in teaching a person why they are doing something in training because then they are a lot more likely to buy into a philosophy. They are also providing themselves with a foundation of information to apply as they grow as a runner.

The second core belief is building community. Despite never physically meeting the majority of athletes we work with, community is important. Forming relationships, encouraging others, and receiving motivation from others who have done what you are going through makes us all better. Whether you are an Olympian or running your first marathon, being part of the community is key. It’s what makes this the best sport in existence!

Lastly, as these values build into each other, motivating you to be the best runner you can be is our third core value. We don’t want you finish a race and hate the sport. We want you to finish and start thinking about how you an become better. How you can make running a priority in your life and part of your lifestyle. We do that by showing you the tools of the trade and through a community of support and experience.

Are you ready to become the best runner you can? We’d be happy to help!

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