New coach alert- Zach Panning! Let’s welcome him to the LHR staff!

Zach Panning

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Zach and I spoke briefly before the ODP sendoff to Florida before the Trials, but we didn’t want any serious discussion until after the Trials to see where Zach was. His situation with the Olympics would have determined our timeline. We had breakfast a couple of weeks ago and it’s clear that Zach has so much to offer athletes trying to get to their best. He’s fast, he’s smart, and he’s an all-around great guy. I am really excited to have Zach on the coaching roster and know he will end up helping a ton of runners reach their goals.

Zach Panning

Zach ran his collegiate career at Grand Valley State University where he was a 15-time Division II All-American and 3-time National Champion. After graduating Zach moved to Metro Detroit where he began competing with the Hansons-Brooks Original Distance Project Beginning in 2019. Since joining the team, Zach has continued to improve and has fallen in love with the marathon distance. With a PR of 2:09:28, Zach is excited to bring his experience and knowledge to the Luke Humphrey Running team.


B.S. in Sports Management


5k – 13:36
10K – 27:51
Half Marathon – 1:03:26
Marathon – 2:09:28

Career Highlights

2021 Olympic Trials 10k – 11th
2021 Chicago Marathon – 11th
2022 Chicago Marathon- 11th
2023 World Championship Marathon – 12th
2024 Olympic Trials Marathon – 6th

Want to work with Zach? Right now, he’s learning the ropes and only taking a few people on to start. However, if you’d like to work with Zach, all you need to do is select Zach from your Training Profile which you’ll complete after signing up.

If you’d like to learn more about personal coaching, check out our page HERE

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