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Why Hire a Personal Coach?

Luke Humphrey Personal Coaching is ideal for the runner looking to take the next step in their running, but not sure if they need to be fully financially invested. The vast majority of the runners we work with are perfect candidates for this level. Whether you are looking to be a Boston Qualifier or simply see where you can take your running under the guidance of a coach, this is the perfect opportunity to test those waters.

  • Customized Training Plans: Tailored to your fitness level, goals, and schedule by a certified LHR Coach.
  • Expert Guidance:Benefit from the experience and knowledge of a seasoned running coach.
  • Motivation and Accountability: Stay motivated and accountable with regular check-ins and progress tracking.
  • Injury Prevention: Learn proper techniques and exercises to avoid injuries and stay on track.

Whenever I tell a non-runner what we do for a living, I always get a distinct look, followed with, “How does that work?” I am sure that many people who read this have the same question. I think many people think that a coach is there with you personally every single run. And, before the days of GPS, heart rate, and all other kinds of data, that may have been true. However, I was a professional runner before GPS was even a thing, and my coaches weren’t there every day in person. However, with the technology that most of us already possess and having partnerships with companies like Final Surge, it is possible to be with you every single run, even if it isn’t in person.

We utilize a platform, called, Final Surge to write the training plans for all our athletes. We take all the data you provide in our Training Profile and then do any necessary follow-up in the initial conversations. From there we write a few weeks of training at once and input the appropriate goal times in the platform. This then takes that goal time and provides all the paces you need to be at for every single run, workout, recovery jog, etc. There’s no guesswork. You can even push these workouts directly to your watch so you don’t have to create them yourself! If you utilize this feature, you can push several days in advance to your watch and always know what’s coming up. You can also be notified via text or email as to what is coming up on your schedule.
Once a workout is done, your synced data will transfer to Final Surge and populate the day on the calendar. You can then open the app or the website of Final Surge and add any post-workout notes to the day. Your coach will be notified whenever GPS data is synced, a workout is marked as completed, and when an athlete comments on their workout. Your coach can then go in and analyze and respond to anything necessary.
That doesn’t mean that the only way you can talk to your coach! All of our coaches will set up phone calls and video chats to discuss upcoming race strategies, any major changes in running or life, or any other concerns that need more than a comment on a workout. Sometimes, I just set up group calls for those who want to join so people can see everyone else on the squad, or create open office hours for someone to jump on a call.

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per month

Work with a Luke Humphrey certified Coach

Workout and plan adjustments

Full access to the Run Club resources ($39.95/month value)

Customized training plan:
*Your individual needs/paces
*Sync structured workouts to GPS
*Sync data transmission between Strava/GPS and Final Surge

Weekly workout comments

Unlimited communication – text, email, phone

Strength Training Guidance

Nutritional Guidance

Free Premium Account to Final Surge

Being fast is relative to who you are comparing yourself to. While our niche is people with some experience running, we don’t have specific time requirements. We just ask that our athletes openly communicate with their coach, ask questions if they don’t understand why their coach has them doing something, and take a few minutes each day to complete their training log.
Coached athletes utilize the website Final Surge. Your training plan will be constructed there in 3-4 week blocks. You can sync your watches, Strava, and other devices so all your info is in one place. Your coach can comment on a workout as soon as the data is entered or uploaded. I personally get email notifications anytime my athlete updates their log, so it very easy to get quick feedback.
The easiest way is to just keep an updated log. That way any questions on a specific day can be kept on that calendar day. That is by far the most efficient. You can also message your coach directly through email, Final Surge, and text. When needed your coach can coordinate a phone or video call to work through issues. Sometimes it’s just easier to explain over video or phone what’s going on.
This is a great reason to have a coach! Your coach will help navigate new goals. We will help you bridge the gap between where you are currently and where you need to be.
There is no perfect answer here, other than if you don’t think you’ll take advantage of the individual attention you will receive, then going with personal coaching doesn’t make sense. I would say, look at what’s offered and then think about what you’d really take advantage of. Some people like setting up their own training, while others just want someone to prescribe the work and they will go do it. You can always start out by joining Team LHR and upgrade to coaching later on.
We realize that everyone is different. We realize there are all kinds of training plans and gurus out there that are cheaper. However, our coaching staff stacks up against anyone. We have World Championship team members, Olympic Trials Qualifiers, Top 20 finishers at World Majors. And we did it while managing careers, businesses, and families. We’ve been through it all personally but still performed at a high level. We’ve been there too and can mentor you through it.
Our responsibility is to, above all else, be open and honest with you. If something isn’t a good idea, we have to tell you. Our job is to listen but also put you in the best position to be successful. I say we are here to motivate athletes, however, the vast majority of our athletes are highly motivated, so it’s our job to make sure the athletes aren’t overextending themselves in training. We want you to run awesome races, not great workouts with no payoff. We are here to educate the runner, not just by providing workouts, but to teach you how to make the training decisions you need to be successful. A great relationship with an athlete is where I become less of the day-to-day overseer and more of a mentor who’s there when needed.
New answer: The biggest thing an athlete needs to do is to keep their coach updated to what’s going on. This can be travel for work, a change in kids sports schedules, to a twisted ankle that you decided to run on for three more days! We can’t help if we don’t know what’s going on. The second biggest thing an athlete can do is keep their log up to date. Give us more than the data from your watch. Put comments in and complete the daily log as much as you can. I understand not every easy day is going to require a full description of the event, but all workouts should have a little post workout note added.
We’ve already discussed a lot of the benefits, but just having a person who is knowledgeable and has been through it is invaluable. To be able to pick the brain and be mentored by one of our coaches is a million times better than just printing off a training plan and winging it. We can save you time, heartbreak, and frustration. Other perks do include a yearly credit to The Feed, which is like Amazon for endurance athletes. We also pay for a premium account from Final Surge that provides it’s own perks, like discounts on Garmin, Stryd, and a lot of others.
The structured workouts are the workouts that we create for you daily. Even an easy run is a structured workout. It’s just a file that gets sent to your Garmin so you don’t have to create a workout within your watch. You can then “run” the workout right from your watch.
Yes! I am very active in our private community here on LHR and answer a ton of questions, make posts for others to chime in, and do seminars or Q and A’s a couple times a month.
Well, if you are familiar with Facebook, you already have a good idea. We have a social wall, groups, forums, and courses that athletes can utilize.
All our coaching is based on a subscription model. Whether you are monthly, 6 month, or yearly, you’ll continue on until you cancel your membership. Most of our athletes are used for multiple training cycles. This is the main reason why we created the 6 month and 1 year options. If they want to stay long term, we’ll do what we can to make sure we fit in financially.
You can cancel anytime. If you are monthly, you will be canceled starting the next billing cycle. For example, if you cancel on April 5th and are set to renew on April 20th, your billing will be done after the 19th. For 6 months and 1 year, we already are giving discounts on the pricing, assuming that there may be some vacations or (I hate to say it), an injury. These will be handled on a case by case basis.

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Luke Humphrey

Coach Luke Humphrey

Select Luke as your Coach!

Save $275
Save $550
As someone who has competed at the highest levels while balancing everything else in life, I bring a unique perspective to personal coaching. Regardless of ability, I love seeing people take what we teach, applying it in training, then exceeding what they thought possible of themselves.

Melissa Johnson-White

Melissa White

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Save $500

Member of Hansons-Brooks Distance Project. Read Melissa’s bio.

Mike Morgan

Coach Mike

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Member of Hansons-Brooks Distance Project. Read Mike’s bio.

Danielle Groff

Coach Danielle

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Member of Hansons-Brooks Distance Project. Read Danielle’s bio.

Zach Panning

Coach Zach

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Zach ran his collegiate career at Grand Valley State University where he was a 15-time Division II All-American and 3-time National Champion. After graduating Zach moved to Metro Detroit where he began competing with the Hansons-Brooks Original Distance Project Beginning in 2019. Since joining the team, Zach has continued to improve and has fallen in love with the marathon distance. With a PR of 2:09:28, Zach is excited to bring his experience and knowledge to the Luke Humphrey Running team. Read Zach’s bio.

Alex Wilson

Coach Alex

Select Alex as your Coach!

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B.A. IDS: Social Science in Education from Michigan State (2015). Read Alex’s bio.

Josh Eberly

Coach Josh

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Josh Eberly brings over 15 years of coaching experience in road running, marathons, mountain, ultra, and trail running. He understands the importance of balancing training with life’s demands. With all his athletes, his top priority is maintaining open dialogue and honesty. Josh recognizes that life can sometimes interfere with training and racing, but believes that with proper preparation and dedication, success is achievable together.

Nikki Humphrey

Coach Nikki

Select Nikki as your Coach!

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I have always been passionate about exercise and healthy living, especially running and triathlons. I’ve run many half marathons and marathons, with my happiest memory being qualifying for and running the Boston Marathon. I’ve completed 2 Ironman and 6 Half Ironman triathlons, as well as numerous half marathons. What I enjoy most is the personal journey of discovering my strength and resilience. Read Nikki’s bio.