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Personal Coaching Purchase and Initial Steps

Luke Humphrey September 27, 2022

The first step in the coaching process is the athlete actually purchasing personal coaching. This first lesson walks the coach through the initial buying process to fully understand the steps taken to get an athlete from signup to training.

  • Purchase is completed by the athlete. 
  • Billing info is collected, including credit card info. However, the person is not billed until 14 days after the point of purchase. Please note: If a person upgrades from the Run Club, the 14-day Trial is not recognized. They will be billed immediately. 
  • The 14-day trial is to allow the coach and athlete to have discourse and get set up while the athlete doesn’t feel like they are paying for a week of no schedule. 
  • Upon purchase, an athlete also has an account created on LHR.com with access to all courses, groups, etc. They are also added to our email list. This is all automated.
  • Once a purchase is made, a confirmation email is sent to the athlete. this includes their log in information to LHR.com. Purchasing anything from our site will automatically create an account for the person. In this case, coaching will grant them access to all the extra “perks” that are reserved for coached athletes.
  • A few minutes after that, they receive an email from our email system with a welcome message, a few things to expect over the course of the next few days, a link to their training profile, and another video that navigates them through their dashboard on LHR.com.

Training Profile receipt

  • I typically wait about 24 hours if I have not received a training profile. Sometimes it is in the spam folder or needs to resend the link.
  • Athlete returns training profile. At that point, I will look at it as soon as I can and see if they requested a coach. 
  • If requested a coach, I will forward it over. If the roster is full, I reach out to the next best-fit coach. 
  • Note: It is up to coaches to keep the person overseeing athlete distribution (currently, Luke) up to date with the number of athletes they can realistically take on. This is usually done at the time the coach is brought on or periodically during followup throughout the year. 
  • The profile is sent to the coach. Ideally, within 24 hours of profile receipt, a coach has a profile. 

Initial athlete onboarding

  • Upon receipt of the profile, a coach should reach out athlete ASAP and just acknowledge receipt of the training profile and that they will be working on everything as quickly as they can. 
  • Send a Final Surge Coaching invite as soon as possible. 
  • Send out an invite for an initial call for 15-30 minutes. If this is going to be several days down the line, give athletes a guide to what they should be doing for the next few days. 
  • Use a phone call to do any follow-up. Record Notes. 
  • Construct a rough outline of how you’d like to structure the segment with race dates and distances in mind. 
  • Use all data to construct the first 2-4 weeks of training
    • Add training paces
    • Add all races into the training calendar