Boston Training Group

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 I know many of you are on pins and needles waiting for that confirmation email from the B.A.A. however, I just wanted to start putting it in your head to start thinking about our Boston Marathon Training Group. Now that you’ve made it to Boston, let’s make sure your experience there is amazing!

We have been doing the Boston Marathon Training Group since 2015 and it’s always a great experience. The camaraderie is second to none! This year, coach Mike Morgan has decided to come on board! With the addition of coach Mike, we now have a combined 5 top-30 finishes at Boston! So, not only have we coached thousands of runners to BQs, we’ve done it ourselves and in the same coaching system. We’ve walked the walk before we talked the talk. 

Here’s what you get: 

  • Choice of 18 week plan
    • 55-60, 75, or 100 mpw plan. In addition, we have an 18 week Alternator plan. 
    • Equivalent to the above in metric. 
    • Not sure what you need, don’t worry, we can help get you in the right plan or even swap one out if you realize you aren’t in the right plan.
    • The plan is based on the HMM philosophy, but tailored to meet the specific needs of the historic course. 
  • Boston Specific training videos.
    • Physiologic demands specific to the course
    • Training for Boston Hills
    • Many others.
  • Robust community
    • Our in-house social community is like no other. 
    • Be directly with others running the same race and using the same plan. 
    • First time running Boston? No worries, be with Boston vets who can help ease your nerves. 
    • In depth training discussions
  • Expert coaches
    • We have coached thousands of runners since 2006, many of which qualified for Boston. 
    • We have a combined 5 Top 30 finishes at Boston. We know how to get it done! 
    • While this is a group setting, you’ll have access to coach Mike and Luke on an individual basis. 

Check out the full details and sign up on Final Surge

Sign up today, spots are limited!

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