New Basic Coaching Announcement

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New Basic Coaching Announcement

We are pleased to announce some great new updates to the Basic Coaching program! We (the coaches) sat down and discussed how to truly make make coaching available to all levels of runners and all financial levels. We already have great training schedules based on time until event and mileage run. Over the past 5 years they have proven to be very effective. So, part one is taken care of. So how do we make coaching truly affordable to all levels? Well, the primary cost of coaching is the time the coach takes to write the training for each athlete and following up with athletes as their schedules need to be written. By using the pre-designed programs we already have and placing them in our training software at we take care of a large portion of that expense. The second part comes from making the athlete responsible for needed follow up with a coach.

Note: Currently only the marathon programs are ready to go. We are updating with the rest of the programs regularly.

Here is how it works:

1) Purchase a basic coaching subscription from

2) Upon completion, you will receive log-in credentials and a welcome packet.

3) After you log in, you can select whichever marathon program fits your needs.

4) After selecting that schedule, you are taken to Training Peaks and the schedule is applied to your free athlete account. Your athlete account is also automatically linked to a coaching account that is monitored by all of our coaches. Your schedule can be moved around to start or finish on a certain day.

5) After that, start training, use the members only content- videos, forums, training articles, etc. Following the guidelines, get feedback from one our coaches on a monthly basis including advice on how to alter training schedules.

Check it out:

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