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Costa Rica

Racing Distances

1/2 Marathon, Marathon, Trail/Mountain

Personal Bests

10K: 49:09
13K: 1:41
42K: 3:32
50K: 4:44


Mediocre track and cross country runner a million years ago in high school, followed by a few runs a few times a month, nothing serious.
I ran my first marathon in 1999; I swore them off forever. Apparently, forever only lasts about 10 years because I ran my second in 2009 (encouraged by a friend who believed we could run under 4hours-nearly 2 hours off my first). She was right, so we ran another one the next year, and another, and another… and here I am, 12 marathons and 2 ultras later. I had foot surgery in 2017 and haven’t run any races longer than 13k since. But since we have 3 of the 6 WMMs, we decided to go for the remaining three. Got into Berlin in 2020 [now 2021].
I live part of the year in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. The temperature rarely drops below 78 degrees, and it is HILLY! The thought of trying to have a bunch of 20 mile runs in this heat with this terrain was completely repulsive.  Used HMM for Berlin and ran a PR!!

Upcoming Races

Berlin Marathon, Germany 2021 – Thank you Luke and the HMM… I ran a PR in Berlin (something not many accomplished due to the warmer weather)!