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Many of you took our Boston Marathon Courses this spring and gave us some positive feedback! This was our first attempt at it, so we were glad you got some useful information out of it! With that, we decided to expand on our course library with the addition of our popular programs The Beginner and Advanced marathon programs. I’ve figured out some technical stuff with the online courses, so now it should be a smoother experience. The courses will run the gauntlet of what you need to know for the marathon and for the specific training schedule you are using. We cover everything we can think of that you’ll need to know, including:

  • the challenges of the race
  • physiology of the race
  • our training philosophy
  • training components
  • the training schedule
  • incorporating
    • flexibility
    • strength
    • core
  • nutrition
  • race day planning
  • recovering from the race

placeholder_justfinish_marathon placeholder_beg_marathon placeholder_adv_marathon

Each lesson includes an embedded video, an mp4 file to take with you on the go, and a PDF of the presentation for your reference. We’ll give you everything you need to know to make your race successful!

To check out the introduction videos and sign up, please check out the Overview Page

When you sign up, make sure you use the code q2qxB7iyX# to receive 15% off!

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