Staying put at a training level.

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A quick video about staying at a current training level. The reasons might be different, but the result is the same. You run a race and now you either want, or feel like you need to take your training to another level. By that I am referring to more intense workouts, more mileage, or some combination of that. If you are constantly upping the ante, then a lot of times you don’t ever maximize what you can get out of your current level. Just doing a few cycles of the same training can, one, allow you to become comfortable with a new style of training, and two allow your body time to really take hold of all the adaptations. By doing this, you can see a big improvement between the first and second attempts at a new training plan. Then a lot of times you may see improvement on the third and fourth attempts. Then, after you start plateuing out on performance, take a look at what might need to change. If you do that and maximize the adaptations possible at say 50 miles a week, you will keep improving at 60 miles a week and maybe a shakeup in long runs. otherwise, we may find ourselves continually upping the training stress when we aren’t ready and either not reaching performance goals or being so burnt out that we just lose interest all together.

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