What my Inside Tracker data told me.

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Recently, we announced that we are now part of the Inside Tracker Pro program. I am really excited about this for myself, as well as my athletes. So many times, our athletes will get their bloodwork drawn and their primary care physician will say that they are “normal.” While not knocking them, a lot of times, what the average person would view as normal, could be dangerously low for an endurance athlete. They are told it’s normal, so they just assume that they are overtraining and back off. The truth is, something like ferritin, which has a huge range for being ok, could have been low and just missed because it didn’t raise any flags.

With the announcement, our coaches were granted an opportunity to take advantage of this, and I was all aboard! Within a couple days, I had my blood drawn. A couple days after that, I had my results. Below is a video where I go over my results, the process, and some reasons why I think this is an invaluable tool for all runners looking to perform their best.

Want to try Inside Tracker and get a discount? Click the banner below. If you are in the Run Club or a coached athlete, reach out to your coach for their Inside Tracker Pro code for an even better deal!

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