You know what time it is: Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals!

Black Friday

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I know that you’ll get bombarded with deals this week and you probably already have! Well, we have some deals for you too. If you have ever wanted to try us out, now is the time!

Run Club Deals:

10% off a yearly membership to the Run Club. You already get 12 months for the price of 10 months. This will make it more like 12 months for the price of 9! You get access to all of our plans, all of our talks, and all of my courses. It’s one of the best investments you could make in furthering your running! Use code: 23runclubbf10 for complete details of the Run Club and to sign up:

LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP- We’ve never done this before, but we are offering up a lifetime membership to our Run Club. While 10% off the yearly is a great offer, how could you beat lifetime access to all plans, which would then include any new plans we create, any new courses, and all the talks we will ever do. To have that kind of year-after-year access to that kind of coaching is unbeatable.

Coaching Deals:

If you want to make an investment in coaching, we would love to work with you. It’s not the cheapest, and that can be a hard sell when we know that given time, you’ll see incredible results. That’s why we have created 6 month and 12 month commitments. If you commit to 6 months, we’ll knock $100 off the overall cost, when paid in full. If you commit to a full 12 months, we really hook you up by taking $400 off the overall cost. That’s getting 12 months for the price of 10. Plus we always give you two weeks before you are charged so we can get you set up and actually running before you are billed. N

Training Plans

Final Surge is offering 10% off all plans. No code is needed. You can see all of our training plans here:

Boston Group:

It’s almost time to start training for Boston and we know Boston! We are offering 10% off our training group that includes coaching, choice of plan, community, and weekly training tips and discussions from me. Use code BFCM at Note: this is for regular-priced signups on Final Surge. Not current Run Club members.

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