What is Hanson’s Coaching Services?

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When runners hear the word “Hanson’s” in the metro Detroit area, and now nationally, the tend to think three things. The first is, Kevin and Keith Hanson, which is absolutely right on the money. The second thing they think is, the elite running team, which is part of the story. Finally, they may also think, the 16 mile long run guys, which is also partially correct. All of those things are part of the Hanson story, but the bottom line is that there is so much more to Hanson’s, and in particular, Hanson’s Coaching Services, than elite running teams and 16 mile long runs.

How HCS began:

Hansons Running
First off, my name is Luke Humphrey. I started out as a member of the Hanson’s Brooks Distance Project in 2004, fresh out of Central Michigan University. I was a halfway decent distance runner and didn’t take up much space, so I was given a chance and the rest of that story is history. However, I also came to the group with a background in exercise science, along with completing my masters degree in said field in early 2006. Kevin and Keith already had successful running stores and great marathon clinics that used the now infamous marathon training plans. Where I really come into the picture is having Kevin and Keith ask me to start putting on the marathon clinics. I really enjoyed it and soon was getting asked to write a few schedules for people. With the encouragement of the brothers (and an interest free loan!) I was off and running (pun intended) with Hanson’s coaching Services. Since then, we’ve grown to 11 coaches, three books, and some really great athletes. It’s been fun building a company and helping people at the same time.

What does HCS offer?

We offer a lot! Here’s a quick list of what we currently offer:

  • individual coaching, ranging from $50/month to $200/month
    • With individual coaching, your biggest price factor is time with a coach and access to a coach. So, with our Silver Level coaching, we take advantage of the dozens of training programs already made and put them into a training calender for you. All while still giving you access to one of our awesome coaches!
    • We coach at all levels, but definitely are most popular for the half marathon and marathon distances. However, we have a coach for the true beginner to the person looking to conquer mountains and 100 milers!
  • Speaking of dozens of training programs, we offer those up for an instant download! If you just want a training program that fits your distance, time to race, and weekly goal mileage, then we have a plan for you! Hanson’s Coaching Services has base building plans, 5k, 10k, half marathon, and marathon training plans available in a number of different weeks and weekly mileage levels.
  • Want something a little more custom? We can handle that too. Choose the number of weeks and we can provide a training plan that is custom to your needs, daily schedule, and distance racing for. Get every day from 8-24 weeks in detail.
  • Need a little help with supplemental training? Coach Nikki Humphrey is a certified personal trainer as well as a specialist in pre and post natal exercise for you momma’s. We offer both online and in-person personal training packages, along with 6 week training groups. Don’t worry, if you are already a coached athlete, we’ll let you in on the Top-Secret group rate!

But doesn’t HCS only coach “serious” runners?

That’s true. We coach runners who are serious about getting better. We aren’t going to be a great fit for everyone, but if you are looking to learn about running, training, how to get better, and want to put in some good old fashioned work, then I think we’ll work just fine with each other. If you are looking for quick fixes or a magic pill, then you probably won’t like us too much. However, whatever you do, don’t take us as only coaching “fast” runners. For one, that’s a relative term. Second, putting in solid training is essential to every runner across the entire spectrum of runners! So, don’t think you aren’t “good” enough or “fast” enough!
With that, you know what we do and what we are about. I encourage you look around the site- what we offer, our coaching bios, and our blogs. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you like the blogs and want to stay in the loop, please sign up for our email list (we’ll even give you a free nutrition video if you want)!
Happy Running,
Luke Humphrey, and all of the HCS coaching staff

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